Friday, 27 July 2012

The Island - did we find Paradise?

Well, to be honest there was not a lot of things happened during our stay on The Island. First few days were really hard, we could barely eat the rice, no appetite because of the tropical heat. Also, I mentioned before about the first night which was pretty scary, but forgot to mention one thing, which made us really scared. Ruel told us that sometimes there are some fisherman coming to The Island. And that they can be dangerous. "They can steal your backpack or even worse". Well, I don't know if I wanted to know about it... We did not have a choice now. If something would happen no one apart from Ruel know where we are. So Mark slept with his crocodile dundee big fckin knife and I slept with my spear gun under my hammock.

But every day on The Island I felt I am free. Really free. Did not have to go anywhere, do anything, think about anything. Just basic thoughts - how to survive. We had plenty of water and rice, so no problem with the food. We've built a shelter and have the place we can sleep. All three basic elements needed to survive we've had. So, how was it?

Most of the time I'm fishing. Now, when the spear gun is broken I am going to the far rocks and fish there using the line and hook which I brought from home. Oh man, how do I regret I did not take some basic, small fishing rod... but hey, it supposed to be survival :) Anyway, I manage to catch some fish, not really big but always something different than only rice. To get to the rocks it takes me 10 minutes swimming. Seen really big fish on the way there and back. Set up a fishing net near the place I've seen the big fish but without success..

Apart from fishing, we clean our camp, make fire, drink more Tanduay and that's it. Nothing special, no adventures or things we did not expect. After one week it was little boring I can say. I liked it but we European people used to do something all the time. There was no time to build a shack. Two weeks is not enough, so we abandoned our original plan to build it. So we just enjoyed freedom, sun and warm waters of the South China Sea...
Two weeks passed. And it was time to go back to civilized world. End of the adventures on The Island, but not end of adventures on Palawan...


  1. "Nothing special, no adventures or things we did not expect."

    Hi, sir. I think your search for paradise is very much adventure itself. I salute your trip! :)

    1. Thank you mate, yes, the whole trip was one big adventure. But you know, expectations are always different than reality... :)
      I am just working on the second part of the movie, hopefully will finish it soon.

  2. what an amazing island trip good job