About me

30 years old Polish expat living four years already in Edinburgh working in the office 8-16 Mon-Fri which drives him crazy...but allows him to save some money for the next trip. Loves The Sun which gives him the energy to live (which is not the case in Scotland...), chasing freedom, adventures and risk, simply- likes to feel alive. Doing everything against the current, wants to do the things no one ever (or rarely) done before. Doesn't follow the "masses". Hates the routine. Still looking for his place in this world, which probably is somewhere in SE Asia.
Planning a year-long (maybe longer) backpacking trip around SE Asia. Spent 2 weeks on uninhabited tropical island in The Philippines and by doing that made his BIGGEST dream come true. Happy and positive person.

My name is Martin and one day I decided I want to escape. Escape from the system. Escape money, regulations, traffic, materialistic world and feel the real connection with the Nature, try to be self sufficient. Feel free. I do not want a lot. Just Sun, palm trees, a beach and the sea where I could fish and a piece of land where I could grow my vegetables. That is why I went to live on tropical deserted island.

This was my biggest dream. Since I remember. There was no specific time or situation after I decided to go. It was always in my head.

Ideally I would like to move permanently from UK to South East Asia or South Pacific but at this moment of my life it is impossible. So, I am working full time and the maximum length of holidays I could book is 26 days. But I think it is enough to taste different life.

I work in the office with another freak like me. One day back in December 2011 I approached his desk and said:

"I am going to some island in Asia and try to survive on it for around 3 weeks, coming or not?" And the journey began. In February 2012 we had the tickets booked to Manila. Counting down the days, preparing for the trip by reading, doing research, looking for The Island, collecting necessary stuff etc.

I have started this blog to keep my friends and family up to date during our trip, and, also, because could not find any blogs about living on deserted island (maybe I did not look enough).

The last "live" entry on this blog was when we arrived to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. After that it was hard to find the internet and also, I could not be bothered with writing while there was so many new experiences around me. So, most of the posts I wrote after coming back home.

Please note that English language is not my first language as I am from Poland, therefore sorry in advance for any errors in my posts. Also, this is my first blog and in general, I am not good writer, but I hope that you will understand most of the story I would like to share with you.

If you have any suggestions regarding the blog, and/or any questions etc. please let me know. I will be more than happy to answer as far as my knowledge will allow me.

So, enjoy reading and do not hesitate to leave comments.

Haribol & Mabuhay!


  1. I enjoyed reading all your adventures. Keep writing.
    I'm also going to Puerto Princesa mid-June then to Port Barton. Enjoy!:)

    1. Hey,

      I am glad you like the blog. I will keep writing, there is still a lot of things to describe.

      If you need any info about PP or Port Barton let me know. I know some nice places and people you can stay.


  2. Nice one and good post about Palawan.. we will be going there in July. Nice escape from UK. I am a Filipina and have traveled some islands in my country and it is truly a bliss when you are away from the hassles and buzz of this fast paced life.

    1. Yeah, your country is beautiful... especially Palawan. You can still find some places with no people and slow pace of life where you can rest and chill out. Really love Palawan. Hope will come back one day!

  3. Co to jest za pozytyw to mówię Wam - świat mały :)

    Madmadi - Sosnowiec stracił na Twojej emigracji jednostkę cenniejszą niż Kiepura!

    GrubyPerez from Poland

    1. hehe, siema Jarq :) widze, ze trafiles na mojego bloga. Przyjemnego czytania ;)