Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DO'S and DON'TS on deserted tropical island.

Do’s and Don’t’s on deserted tropical island.

Here we go, without unnecessary intro:

  1. Don’t place your hammock or walk under the coconuts which can fall on you. Falling coconuts are probably the biggest danger for you when on the island. So, be careful when walking under the palm trees. A coconut which is falling from 80 feet can reach the speed of 50 miles per hour. No joke. Around 150 people die each year from being hit by falling coconut…
  2. Don’t worry about the sharks. Most of the sharks are not dangerous to people. Most dangerous areas in the world are South Pacific and Australian coast. Well, if you have a bloody wound and in the water where sharks are- that’s different story…
  3. Don’t boil your meal in only sea water- it will be way too salty. Tried it. You can mix it with fresh water to get salty rice if you don’t have salt.
  4. Don’t worry, be happy! You are on deserted Tropical Island!
  5. Don’t think you will find yourself in a tropical paradise with plenty of food. Take food with you, even if you think you can catch some fish or find coconuts. First thing is that, sadly, our Oceans are overfished nowadays, so it is not so easy to catch a fish. Also it is not so easy to catch a fish in general. Regarding coconuts and fruits- you will be lucky if you will find some.


  1. Make sure you will have drinking water. If you are going to deserted Tropical Island it means that there is no source of fresh water. If there would be a source of fresh water the island would not be deserted, trust me.
  2. Take food. As mentioned before. Take some rice as an emergency. See point 5 in “DON’T’S”
  3. Make sure you can be rescued in emergency. Take first aid kit. Let your family and friends know where you are going. Make sure there is mobile phone coverage on the island. Let the local people know where you are etc. Be careful. It is easy to harm yourself on the tropical deserted island. Simple cut and you can get a nasty infection…
  4. Take a hammock, mosquito net and tarpaulin rather than a tent. Tried it. It works perfectly. You are going to tropical island right? Tropical means HOT and humid. You don’t want to live in the tent in hot and humid weather. Also, there are less chances that you will find some uninvited guest in the hammock which hangs above the ground.
  5. Take a lot of sun blocker. No need to comment that.
  6. Take a lot of insect repellent. Again, no need to comment.
  7. Do expect that the reality of living on the uninhabited island will be different from your expectations.
  8. DO ENJOY YOUR STAY ON THE ISLAND! Not a lot of people have a chance to do this. So no matter what, no matter if you will give up after one night, at least you tried so be proud of yourself!
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