Monday, 4 June 2012

The slideshow

After some time without posting I am back. Did not update The Blog as after two weeks since I came back from The Island had to start adapting to "normal" life... It was difficult on the beginning but I have my Blog and it keeps my mind still on The Island.

Over the weekend I've finally made a slideshow. I have a lot of pictures from The Trip and putted some of them in the slideshow. Still many of pictures waiting to be uploaded to Blog, maybe will make another slideshow like the one below but this time not only from The Island. Anyway, enjoy watching!
Click full screen in the bottom right corner.

The slideshow was more difficult to make than you may think. I needed to mark every beat where I wanted photo to change and then insert photos and shrink it or extend to the time. Almost whole day of work and another day to upload it to YT... Well. I think it was worth it. Was it? :)

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