Monday, 30 April 2012

First night on The Island. Jungle is massive!


We unloaded everything from Ruel's bangka, thanked him and said good bye.

Now we need to find good spot for our camp. We walked out beach all way long but to be honest, only one place was suitable to hang our hammocks. We could do it in different place but we would need to cut a lot of plants. As it was early evening already we decided to choose an easy option. We still needed to cut some small banana trees and some bushes and clear the ground but it was not very hard to do. Luckily we landed near the spot we choose as moving 6 big canisters to the different place would not be a pleasure in this heat ...

We hanged out hammocks, mosquito nets and tarpaulin above them.

Time to eat. Made a fire to cook the rice. Beautiful sunset on horizon, no islands on the way, just open South China sea. No people. Just paradise. Rice still not ready. And then, out from nowhere a big cloud of mosquitoes came. Hundreds and hundreds of them mixed with sand flies and other flies. They came to our fire or my head torch? I don't know and I don't have time to think about. We jumped to our hammocks. Mosquito time! There was not time to clear our hammocks from mosquitoes which were inside so we got some bites even under the mosquito net... It's getting darker and darker, rice is still on the fire and we are hungry. No way to get out from the hammock, too many mosquitoes...

 Jungle is massive. You know, you can read and watch some films or documentaries about some places and situations, but when you actually go there it is totally different experience. One example: I have snorkeled some time ago in Tenerife waters and a big turtle appeared in my sight. I don't know why but for the millisecond I felt afraid. You know, it was my first time seeing a wild turtle in his natural environment. I know turtles are not dangerous at all but still, seeing it for the first time, something new in not my environment made me anxious for a second. You know what I mean?

So going back to jungle. It is pretty scary night... It is dark already and the jungle coming to life. EVERYTHING on the ground was moving, everything made a noise. Insects, birds, some fighting monkeys, crabs, don't know what else. I knew what to expect but still, as mentioned before, is is totally different experience when you are there. On top of that we could hear some big animal just under our hammocks. Don't know what that is. Crazy night...We are hungry... We did not move out from our hammocks whole night. We did not sleep at all... But we survived this first night. After that everything should be easier. Just waiting for the sun...

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