Tuesday, 1 May 2012

After sleepless night. First day in Paradise.

Sun. Finally bright and sunny morning.

Really wicked night. Wings of some flies are everywhere. Strange. No flies, just wings. Everything is covered with it. Strange because we did not find anything like that later during our stay on The Island. Later on I found out that those wings belonged to some kind of ants and there are some times when they all die at once. It would explain those wings everywhere. We've been lucky (?) to see it on our fist night there.

Still hungry. Checked the rice from previous night. A lot of very tiny ants in the pan despite it was covered. Need to make a fire again and eat something.

First thing in the morning- bathe in the sea. A lot of small silver fish with black stripe. Funny fish, they are curious. Every time you move they follow you. Some of them are quite big but we decided we will not catch them (we found out later it would be really hard to catch them anyway).

We discovered some tracks on the sand leading from the jungle to the sea. Quite big tracks. Is it this big animal who was under our hammocks last night? We will find out soon.

After some rice we felt better and more confident in the new environment.

I have a spear-gun which borrowed from Ruel. Time to make a use of it. Took my snorkel mask and went near the rocks on the left of our camp. Later on it was my fishing kingdom :)

There is a lot of fish near these rocks. The problem is the waves. It is hard to swim near the rocks as the waves pushing you towards the rocks and coral. Very easy to get cut. In less than 10 minutes I caught 2 fish, not big though... But I felt good as those fish were small is harder to catch them with the spear gun. Was sure that if I caught small fish the big one will be easier to catch. Well, if my spear gun would not broke... One of the two rubbers broke so the spear-gun has now only half of the original power...
Did not catch any more fish this day. We ate those two small I caught before. That's it, but we still have almost 15 kilogrammes of rice :)


  1. nice adventure martin! thats a lot you brought. nice to know that you caught some fish, really cool adventure!

    cheers man!

    1. Thanks James,

      As I said on you blog, I've read yours before going. Was looking for tips&tricks everywhere over the net and found your blog. Was really happy because thought that it will be illegal to camp etc.

      Yeah, caught some fish, would be more and bigger if not the spear gun... Well, at least I know what I would change next time! :) I would take a fishing rod! :D

      Cheers man, keep up with your blog and come back here sometimes, there will be more photos and stories!