Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Manila. Necessary getaway to Paradise...

We landed in Manila. It is good to exchange money on the airport. As we found out later the exchange rate was best on the airport. It was around 67 pesos for £1.00. Took only 5000 pesos to paid for the visa (if you stay more than 21 days is 2700 pesos for 59 days visa) and the taxi to the hotel. In Manila it was 63-64 pesos for one British pound. By the way, I heard that is really hard to exchange Scottish pounds in Philippines (not only, even in Poland IF you will find some place to change Scottish pounds the exchange rate is less than for English pounds...) so change them to English pounds before you leave UK.

We booked the hotel when we were still in UK. Great Eastern Hotel in Makati, 1400 pesos/night for room. Really big differences in transport price. 800 pesos - taxi with no meter, metered taxi 450 pesos to get to the hotel. One of the most dangerous things in Philippines- taxi drivers :)

Arrived to hotel after around one hour in crazy traffic. Total freestyle. Took the shower and went to see the city. First thing, children beggars, cockroaches, heat, noise and prostitutes everywhere...

"Hello Sir, you wanna women? - No. - You wanna girl? - No. You wanna boy? - NO! - Wife? She still virgin! - NO! Ganja? - Hmm....., No!"
We need to catch some tan as we are on the target, visible from far.

Few Red Horse beers and some food, walking around the city and time to sleep. Tomorrow Palawan.

Ehh, Manila, crazy Manila, don't like it. Interesting to see it but couldn't live here. One night here is enough...

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