Sunday, 29 April 2012

Second day in El Nido. Island hopping.

The next day we wanted to "taste" some of the islands before going to Our Island. Paid 700 pesos for Tour A (if I remember correctly) which is 4 islands and lunch. I've asked the captain to do the reverse tour as per Stephane's advice. There is too many people on the islands on the certain times as everyone visiting the islands in the same order. It was quite nice, snorkelling in crystal clear waters but the coral was not very nice and colourful as I expected. Filipinos done a lot of damage to corals some time ago because they used to do dynamite fishing... Well, now they try to preserve and recover it. Better late than not at all.

Spoken with locals on the boat asking where we could go camping for 2 weeks. Got some destinations. They said we are crazy. Not the first time we've heard it. Locals told us that some guys done camping on the islands around but for 2, max 3 nights. Well, it did not discourage us.

After island hopping which was really nice we came back to El Nido. On the evening we've met one fisherman who asked us if we want to go for island hopping tomorrow and after few minutes of chat he told us about The Island we could go which is outside island hopping tours area, and agreed to give us a lift to there and pick us up for 2000 pesos. Fortunately because we wanted to do it on our own, it is cheaper, no police and no Tourism Office involved and, it is half price :) I think we would have to pay even more than 4000 pesos, at the police station I am almost sure there would be some "administration costs" or something. So we decided to not make it through officials and go by ourselves with Ruel.

So, we have the destination.  Now, we just need water and rice. Yes, I know, it supposed to be survival but Ruel (mentioned fisherman) told us that there is no fruits nor water on the island. So we decided to take water and rice.

Finally, we have the destination. Now, just buy necessary stuff and we are going tomorrow!

Rest of the evening we spent with Stephane drinking Tanduay rhum (yes, rhum, not rum :)

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