Thursday, 26 April 2012

Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Closer to Paradise

After around one hour flight from Manila we are in Puerto Princesa's airport and heading to our first contact in Palawan, who I met on Australian guy, Richard, Reggae Pulse Bar owner.
It is dark already. After almost one hour walking we are here. Really nice place which Richard opened just 2 months ago. Native bamboo style bar. I like it. Have a chat with Richard, his girlfriend, Claire and the bar staff. We decided to catch the first bus to El Nido tomorrow morning.
Few beers and we need to find some accommodation.

(Photo below is actually taken after we came back from The Island as I don't have more with Richard in Reggae Pulse Bar)

My bed for one nightAs per Richard's advice I've chosen the Bangwa Pension. Also native style and good atmosphere. Mark chosen some other hotel as in Bangwa there is no rooms available. I wanted to stay here as don't want to travel more and finding any more thing tonight, I am too tired.
At the Bangwa Pension they told me that there is no rooms available but I can sleep downstairs on the staff's bed. Paid 200 pesos. I see that there is no customers in the Bangwa's bar and decided to sleep on the bench in the open air.

Really hot. No mosquitoes so far... Closer to paradise...


  1. ...let the dream came true :) have a nice trip,Bro :))

  2. Put cream on your skin "seƱor rojo"