Sunday, 29 April 2012

On our way to Paradise - El Nido - The Island

First thing in the morning we went for shopping. We bought 6 big canisters of water, 4 gallons each which made more than 100 litres; 15 kilograms of rice and machete. Rest of stuff we had already. For water we paid 200 pesos deposit for each = 1200 pesos just deposit. Water was only 47 pesos for canister. For machete we paid 170 pesos. On top of that we bought 2 bottles of 1 litre Red Horse beer and 3 bottles of Tanduay rum. What..? Apart from survival we need to have some fun!

Ruel was waiting for us on front of our beach huts. We loaded all the stuff and...that's it. We are leaving the system. Finally. THIS is beginning of our REAL trip. Now.

Few words about Ruel. He is around 30-35 years old. Maybe more but doesn't look like more. Really honest and genuine person. First impression was really positive that's why we decided to go with him and took his advice about The Island. Despite he had a stroke and almost half of his body is paralysed he manage to operate his bangka on his own.

Bangka, really loud boat. I am wondering how many years the fishermans driving these boats will become deaf... It is really loud sitting right on the diesel engine. All of our trips we spent on the front of the bangka and it was still really, really loud. 

On the way to The Island we felt little anxious. You know, expectations are always different than reality. We are prepared though.

We are doing it, finally. My biggest dream is coming true. I was thinking very often during that trip about The Biggest Dream people have. What I realised is that not even minority of all people, I think minority of minority of people make their Biggest Dream come true. I am lucky guy. I am doing it. Either I will be happiest man in the world after that trip or I will need to find another Biggest Dream. Doesn't matter. I am here. I am doing it. I am happy. I am really happy man.

Someone told me that the pursuit of The Dream is the best part of it. I don't know. I was pursuing My Dream all my life but cannot tell it was the best part of The Dream...

It took us more than one hour to get to The Island. When we approached Our Beach it was something amazing. A very long golden beach, palm trees, high mountains and, the best of all, no one there. No people, no buildings, just nature. One of the best moments in my life. I am here and it will be my home for the next two weeks...


  1. hello
    good treap to el nido corong corong
    your right ruel it's very friedly person