Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cathay Pacific

(Writing time around midnight UK)
It is my first time fly with airlines different than EasyJet and Ryanair so the info in this post can be obvious for you, but want to share it with people who did not fly with CP before. Just few basics. Please note we flew in economy class.
First thing, the aircraft staff is really nice, helpful and always smiled. But it is a standard in all airlines today, just want to confirm CP staff are excellent.
As a standard you get:
- sleeping mask
- toothbrush and some toothpaste
- pair of socks (yes, SOCKS :)
- pillow
- blanket
Now, the meals. Just got the vegan lunch, to he honest, nothing special. Frozen stuff warmed in microwave. On top of that one roll, butter, fruit bowl, bean and chickpea salad and Orange juice.
Another thing- free drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic, including beer and wine.
Good stuff is that you have quite big choice of films and tv programmes to watch so 11 hours of eating, drinking, sleeping, watching films or tooth-brushing, whatever you want to do :)
Mark chosen sleeping... I will meditate and then do the same. Fortunately the plane is half empty so we can use 4-seat sleeping bed :)
Good night, Mabuhay and Haribol!
(writing time 7am UK, 2pm HKG)
Slept like a baby, the best flight ever. Was wondering if will have a chance to see Himalayas. Didn't seen them but seen some other beautiful mountains on the east of Himalayas. Really amazing view...
Breakfast eaten, but, like lunch yesterday, nothing special, cannot complain though. 1 hr to HKG.
Interesting thing is that we did not fly in straight line, but east and then south/south east. Anyway. There is only 5 hours between us and Manila!


  1. I think the pilot chose that route as the direct flight path would have taken you directly over Iraq and Afghanistan, and I heard on the news there is a bit of an arguement going on there at the moment.

  2. Nice choice of bodybag. May be a problem with excess baggage. Besides, he's an ok guy. You were supposed to get to the island before you killed him.